Gas fires and explosions 90 times more common than official statistics record, new data reveals

There have been at least 14,000 gas fires and explosions in the UK over the last five years, according to new figures obtained by PA Diploma News.

While official statistics show 155 gas fires and explosions were reported to the Health and Safety Executive over the last five years, this drastically undercounts the number of gas-related incidents. Freedom of information requests submitted to every fire authority in the UK revealed fire crews have attended 13,199 fires and 1,058 explosions since 2016. 

These include fires from leaks from the mains gas supply, barbecues and explosions caused by indoor and workshop gas appliances using butane and propane. For example, investigators believe that several houses in Ashford, Kent were destroyed by an explosion stemming from a leak from a portable heater. 

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